We are pleased to announce that the Career Service of the Medical University of Białystok has chosen Advisio Poland's solution to work with students.

For the next three years, students of the Medical University of Bialystok, will be using the Insightful Profiler (iP121) tool to test their aptitudes and professional competencies.

Delivered tool is 100% available on-line, contains possibility to create any number of competence profiles for a given position. The Insightful Profiler (iP121) tool is based on the Big Five theory and meets all the criteria of a reliable psychometric solution.

The results included in the report will help the counselor from the Career Office to indicate to the students of the Medical University of Bialystok among others:

  • strengths
  • potential areas for development
  • managerial competences
  • social competences
  • professional competences
  • Work motivation factors.
  • Factors related to working in a team.

Thanks to Advisio Poland's support, the Career Office is able to accurately determine students' professional potential and support them in choosing a career path that takes full advantage of their predispositions.