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Organizational climate functions in a manner similar to climate in a geographic sense. Favourable conditions make it possible for life to thrive creatively in a particular place on Earth. can creatively develop and flourish. Similarly, a good organizational climate organizational climate - allows business to grow and mature. It creates an environment suitable for constructive behavior and behaviour and competence development of employees. The Delight Index™ is a unique tool used to to define and diagnose such a climate.

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The Context Scale® Advisio Delight Index™ determines what the climate of the organization is by classifying it as mild, moderate, or severe. A separate indication of the diagnosis is the answer to the question of whether the identified climate is appropriate for the development needs of the organization under study. The Advisio Context Scale® maps the collected responses in an easy-to-understand visual form. Focusing on the degree of fit between the climate and the development needs of the company, how the same questions were answered by different groups of employees (difference in perspectives).

Only consultants certified by Advisio Poland are authorized to use the Delight Index™ tool.