Do you read news on websites, browse blogs, watch movies or animations? Of course - almost all of us do it. What if we could learn the training content in the same way? We have such a possibility due to the Rise program created by Articulate.

The training created in the Rise technology gives the opportunity to give up traditional, linear training with "next / back" buttons. Trainings doesn’t look like attractively prepared presentation any more, and begin to look like a blog or a clear, user-friendly website.

The participant has the opportunity to become acquainted with all the issues in the training due to a clear menu on which he can also track his progress.

Many options of text formatting and photo placement give the training an esthetic and professional look, and the possibility of implementing fonts and wide colour palette guarantee the creation of a training consistent with the visual identification of the company or institution.

Thanks to the possibility of adding resources created in external programs, the participant also can learn: from videos, recordings, animations, screencasts, storyboards and graphics, text files and links for websites. In order to verify the knowledge, we can use several standard variants of quizzes, e.g. single or multiple choice, matching columns or completing the text.

As in the case of traditional trainings, we have possibility to generate a SCORM package, place it on any platform and report participants activity. One of the greatest advantages of the program is the automatic adaptation of the content layout to the device which we use. The Articulate Rise program helps you to acquire knowledge in a simple and sensual way.

An example of such training can be found at or by clicking here:

If you want us to create an e-learning training for your organization in such an attractive way, please contact us.

Anna Kokot, E-learning project manager at Advisio Poland,