**Learn the iP121 profiling language. You only need to know the meaning of just 12 words (called factors) and their selected combinations to be able to comprehensively and accurately describe the potential of job candidates and (co-)employees.

Today's lesson: MOTIVATION.

The factors Consistency and Confidence are key to assessing the potential for job motivation. Are you looking for people who are committed, organized and ready to face challenges effectively? Bet on the Consistent and Confident. These are the so-called work enthusiasts. But watch out for the Consistent and Unconfident. They are best described as "workaholics". In standard situations, they tend to behave in a similar manner to work enthusiasts. In routine situations, they show commitment and organization. However, their lower, sometimes significant, work efficiency in new (e.g.: non-routine) and/or difficult (e.g.: stressful) situations may surprise you.

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