Just as we learn foreign languages or programming languages, it is useful to learn the language of profiling. It's useful for leadership practitioners, whether they're managers, recruiters, or trainers.

Learn the iP121 Profiling Language. Learn the meaning of just 12 words (called factors), and combinations of those words, to provide comprehensive and accurate descriptions of job candidate and (co-)employee potential. Learn the iP121 Profiling Language. Learn the meaning of just Learn the iP121 profiling language. You only need to know the meaning of 12 words (called factors) and their combinations to comprehensively and accurately describe the potential of job candidates and (co-)employees.

**Today's lesson: LEADERSHIP.

If we were to describe leadership potential with just one factor, it would be Dynamism. This complex trait goes hand in hand with many leadership qualities, such as initiative and assertiveness, willingness to take risks, and openness to change, among others. However, leadership has many facets. The easiest way to see this is by observing teamwork, where the perceptive observer is sure to notice at least three leadership roles, namely: strategist, tactician, and supervisor. These three roles complement each other. In a well-composed team, all three roles must be filled. It is not always the case that one person has the aptitude to fill all three roles simultaneously. It sometimes happens that the formal leader is the strategist and/or tactician, while the mentor role is performed by the informal team leader. The strategist's strengths include Dynamism and low Closure, while the tactician scores higher on Consistency and Mindfulness than the strategist, and the mentor outweighs both with his pro-social orientation. So when estimating leadership potential, it is worth remembering that at least three leadership roles can be distinguished.

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