Talents are "amplified aptitudes." These talents may be in a selected, narrow area or in many areas of work and life. Each company/organization defines what that talent should be and at what level.

A lot depends on what is recognized as talent in the organization. The criteria we set for ourselves for selecting the talent influence the development of its competence base and, as a result, the market competitiveness of the company. Below we present 3 dimensions from which we can look for talent in our organization.


The basis of talent is specific intelligence, higher than average in the population. The most typical types of intelligence are: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, kinesthetic interpersonal (based on Garner's typology)


Any use of talent does not yet lead to the desired results. Nowadays, we can state that the structure that allows to maximize the flexibility of the organization is a network structure, whose employees, in addition to specialized skills, have the necessary competencies to respond effectively to market needs. These are skills that allow you to use your specialist knowledge and abilities to build effective teams, collaborate with others, make independent decisions, and develop your capabilities.


Let's assume that we have an exceptionally talented employee and we find that he or she is highly competent in each competency group.

Is this enough to recognize him as a talent?

Does the fact that our talent is a specialist and possesses competencies crucial for the organization's business give us confidence that he or she will be effective in his or her work?

We need to be aware that while knowledge can be studied passively, behaviour and attitudes are difficult to ascertain in isolation from the context in which they are manifested.

**Remember, it is only the context in which an individual operates that verifies his or her actual ability in the competencies desired by the organization. Context is like the biochemical environment for an atom that can determine its behavior.

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This article is based on ADVISIO Organizational Development Consultant Certification Manual.