Providing feedback on the results of the study is the culmination of any diagnostic study.

For the researcher, the primary benefit of participating in the study is the feedback in the form of an answer to a question established during the contracting session. Similarly, for the person contracting the study, the benefit of the study lies in (p)answering the question that is on his/her mind regarding the potential of the person being studied. In this context, the basic principle that a professional diagnostician should always keep in mind is: "there is no diagnosis without a goal".

The goal should be concrete. Optimally, it should be formulated in the form of a question to which we are looking for an answer using the result of the test.

This is exactly how we approach feedback sessions in research using the Insightful Profiler™(iP121) advanced diagnostic system. The most general question we can look for answers to using this tool is, "What are the characteristics that distinguish the person surveyed from other people?"

Other questions, in keeping with good practice, should be increasingly precise and may address both the strengths and limitations of the examinee in the context of the selected position or job role with specific requirements.

Answering precise questions based on the Insightful Profiler™(iP121) questionnaire results can be helpful both in the context of job selection and in supporting professional development.

Examples of specific questions that can be answered using the Insightful ProfilerTM (iP121) questionnaire:

  • What adaptability characteristics does the subject have? Would working in a position with many challenges (new and difficult tasks) be an optimal choice for him/her?

  • What factors are most important in motivating the person surveyed to work efficiently? What should the manager focus on with the subject in order to maximize his/her engagement at work?

  • What value does the subject bring to work in a team? Will he/she be closer to the role of a creative visionary, a structured tactician, or perhaps a good mentor?

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