Polish psychometric tool for diagnosis and team building - new functionalities.

Way2Select is an original psychometric tool supporting personnel decisions of every manager. The tool is designed to enable larger scale use of psychometrics in candidate selection or team building (thanks to the user competence comparison tool).

Listening to your needs related to the use of the system in everyday work, we have introduced several important changes:

1) From now on you can compare up to 12 people in your team simultaneously. Thanks to that you will be able to easily diagnose in which competences your team is homogeneous, and in which it is the most diverse. This is very helpful in quickly diagnosing what competencies your team may be lacking so that it can work even more effectively.

2) We have introduced the ability to download management reports directly from the "Participants" module. - You no longer have to click on the participant details just to download the report.

3) We have introduced modifications to the reports including, among others, descriptions related to motivators and team roles - thanks to this, the report is now more readable for every manager.

Additionally, we have made a few other minor functional changes to improve the ergonomics of using the system.

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